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No Longer at This Address

Here are some more dolls that I've either once owned or sold for others. The doll, above, is all cloth. I love her hair color! She wears her original outfit. In fact, all of these dolls, below, wear their original outfits.

I used this doll, above, as my shop logo. She is quite wonderful. She wears a paint-on silk dress with metallic lace. Both her hands are embellished with rings.

This doll has composition hands, but is otherwise all cloth. She wears an embroidered Bucilla kit dress.
This all cloth doll has silk floss hair and wears an Asian-inspired pant outfit.

This doll has red wiry hair and still has her hairnet that a lot of dolls had at time of their original purchase.

This all cloth doll is very much like the first doll with the raspberry colored hair.

This doll has those fingers I love and wears a chiffon-like dress. She has silk floss hair in braids.

This boudoir doll is unique in that she holds a parasol. I've never seen another doll like this before.

Speaking of never seen another like it, this blue-haired Gluckin is more likely one-of-a-kind. If anyone has a similar one, I'd love to see it.

Here is another cloth doll with composition hands, wearing an embroidered Bucilla Kit dress.

This all cloth doll wears all black. At the time I purchased her, collectors referred to these dolls as "Mourning Dolls."

This is another doll with wiry hair. She has composition hands. She gorgeous!


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