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Not Your Ordinary Boudoir Dolls

Here are some dolls I once owned that I considered unusual or not a common find. This doll's head has molded hair, and her face is painted to look like her eyes are closed. The rest of her is cloth. Her outfit is trimmed in mink.

The face is wax. The head is cloth with silk floss hair. Her body is cloth.

This doll appears in the Stephanie Farago book, "The Magic and Romance of Art Dolls." She is marked Modele Depose.

I used to think this doll was French, but I'm now believing it is German-made.

I used to use this doll as my shop logo.

As you can see in the photo, this doll's body isn't a commonly found style.

Gluckin face, all cloth body. I believe this to be a one-of-a-kind

Joao Perotti or Holzer & Cia (South American), this is a large doll, and once wore a very detailed and colorful costume

This is a sachet doll. She has a compartment in back for a sachet pouch. Although, I don't recall this doll having a sachet pouch in it, I have seen another doll with a pouch marked Prince Matchabelli.

This doll has a flocked head and hands.


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