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Cloth Dolls

Norah Wellings

Here are a couple more dolls in Bridget's collection - Norah Wellings

Bridget's Dolls - Available on Etsy


Vallee, 1927. Click the link to view the web site that sells this print.

Maurice Milliere on Facebook

Super Maurice Milliere collection! Check it out! Click the photo to access the Facebook page. Thanks, Nannette!

The Fortune Tellers

Here is a German smoker, resembling Pola Negri.
Cigarette Dispenser, marked Kindel and Graham, San Francisco
The two doll heads resemble Rudolph Valentino; one is a smoker, the other is wax


Here is a current photo of a couple of flappers. The one standing is a super cool all cloth gal. The one sitting is what collectors term a "Big Face." Her head is larger than the Anitas.

Rudy and Natacha

Here is a recent photo of the Mineralava Tour dolls (Rudolph Valentino and his wife, Natacha Rambova)


Here is a recent photo I took of Zulema, made by Lenci. She's really a super cool doll.

The Doll Room

Here are some dolls in the doll room. The guy with the wax head has glass eyes and is really cool. He looks like a shop display. The all cloth doll, wearing green and pink is a mystery to me. I'm not sure who made her. I got her from England, and I wonder if she's not made by Alpha Farnell or a similar English company. If anyone knows, or has a doll like it, I'd love to know. The doll in yellow is French, and the doll in the turban with sequin cape looks like a French head, but she's another mystery doll. But, I think she's super!


Here's a video I put together. Hope you like it.

Sue's Latest Acquisitions

The lady version of this type boudoir doll is fairly common, however, this male version is a rare find. Congrats to Sue for acquiring this cool doll.

Super cool Pierrot/Pierrette boudoir dolls.

Cloth Dolls

This is a different doll head. I've never seen one quite like this one. She no longer has a body, but she still has a reason to smile.

This French doll has an exotic look to her.

Unusual Boudoir Dolls

This unusual boudoir doll head looks like the same type as this doll. French? If anyone knows, I'd like to know.

Easter Parade - 1948

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

This is from the 1948 film, "Easter Parade," starring Fred Astaire, Judy Garland and Peter Lawford

Smile for the Camera

Cool tagged Munecas!

French Boudoir Doll

I love this French boudoir doll! She's in excellent shape for her age.

Lenci Fadettes & Escort

These are my favorite type of Lenci boudoir dolls - Fadette.