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Jitterbug - Cab Calloway

Jitterbug - Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway - Hi De Ho Miracle Man

Memorial Day

To all that have served and sacrificed, THANK YOU!

Munecas Pages Madrid

Munecas Pages Madrid, a Spanish doll maker, made some pretty incredible dolls!

 The hair comb was added by a previous owner, but the rest of her is original and fantastic!

 This Munecas' original outfit is faded, torn and worn. Since it could be removed, a previous owner kept it with the doll, but added jewels and a coat for over her original underskirt which is in good shape. When I sold this doll, I removed the add-ons and put her original dress back on her. 

 This gorgeous tagged Munecas has the same outfit as the previous doll, but look how vibrant it is. 

This Munecas is the first one I ever owned. I had no idea what she was at the time, but I could tell she was well made.

Annette Hanshaw Song

Annette Hanshaw sings, "Under the Moon."


Here are photos of some Lenci dolls I once owned.


Here is a boudoir doll with a suspicious past.
This old photo is dated 1945, and the back reads, "Deputy Sheriff, Mary Muscato, holds the doll which was found with $10,000 in currency on it, taken in the Rumbold Real Estate Cox burglary.. 3 men are on trial for the burglary.."
....was she an accomplice? After all, she did have the $10k on her.....

French Beauties

Here are some beautiful French boudoir dolls I once owned or sold for someone.

French Pierrette - Bebe Sans Rival

Dominique sent me these photos of this wonderful 65-70cm (25-27") French Pierrette boudoir doll. She is in her original box, marked Bébé Sans Rival.
Dominique emailed me that the Bébé Sans Rival doll was made by Mme de Kaspareck. According to Dominique, Jeanne de Kaspareck was an artist  whose studio was in Paris. She made some interesting dolls, although she was best known for creating the classic all felt non-boudoir types. Apparently, up until now, it was not evident that she previously made boudoir dolls, so for Dominique to find this doll in her box is a "real great find." 

Rudolph Valentino's Birthday

Here is a video I put together, using some of my collection of Valentino photos. Rudolph Valentino was born on this date in 1895.

Lady Dirk

This unusual all-cloth boudoir doll is tagged, "Lady Dirk Dolls, Design Reg. US Pat. Off.,  Chicago." She is mostly felt with flat cloth face. She measures about 24". Cool doll! Has anyone ever heard of Lady Dirk?

Sachet Bag

This is a cute sachet bag. She resembles a boudoir doll lingerie bag, but is about 1/3 the size.