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Munecas Pages Madrid

 Munecas Pages Madrid, a Spanish doll maker, made some pretty incredible dolls!

 The hair comb was added by a previous owner, but the rest of her is original and fantastic!

 This Munecas' original outfit is faded, torn and worn. Since it could be removed, a previous owner kept it with the doll, but added jewels and a coat for over her original underskirt which is in good shape. When I sold this doll, I removed the add-ons and put her original dress back on her. 

 This gorgeous tagged Munecas has the same outfit as the previous doll, but look how vibrant it is. 

This Munecas is the first one I ever owned. I had no idea what she was at the time, but I could tell she was well made.


  1. They are wonderful!Greetings from Poland!


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