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Tagged Charles Bloom Musical Boudoir Doll

Anybody recognize this song?

1920 French Illustration

Boudoir Dolls in Film - Have a Heart - 1934

Jean Parker, Una Merkel - "Have a Heart" - 1934 (thank you, DollZandThingZ, for the name of the movie!!!)

Early French Boudoir Doll

Sue sent me these photos of an early French boudoir doll. She might have been a lingerie bag. Sue believes she was made by Madame Lazarski, dated around 1916- early 1920's. The early dolls had child-like features, but this one is more adult. The tag reads, "Mascotte, Made in Paris, Depose Patent, AAP [Ateliers Artistiques Polonais (Polish Artistic Workshops)].

And, Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

Dolores Del Rio's Bedroom

Notice the Lenci, sitting on the left, in Dolores Del Rio's Bedroom
Picture Play Magazine January 1929

Boudoir Dolls in Film "Three on a Match"

Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Allen Jenkins, and a composition/cloth boudoir doll. 1932 film "Three on a Match."

French Pierrot Faces

These boudoir doll faces were made by the same French maker and have the same model number, but you can see that their faces were painted differently. Perhaps the one on the left is a Pierrette and the one on the right is Pierrot?

Greetings from Latvia

This old postcard is from Latvia.

The 1920's

Gloria Swanson and other stars appear, in color, in this video.

A Day with Jane Sterling

Here is an old photo from 1952. The caption is "A Day with Jane Sterling." The doll looks to have a real cigarette in her mouth! She appears to be a cloth-faced doll, much like the Bucilla Kit types, and I've never seen this type as a smoker so I'm wondering if she was modified.

Hat Stands

Here are some cool hat stands I used to own.
Some of the photos are sideways, and I can't get them to turn. This has been happening since they've "upgraded" the blog system.

Joao Perotti