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The Year-End is Near

I wish you all a Happy New Year!
This photo is from the film "The Conquering Power" 1921, starring Rudolph Valentino and Alice Terry.
Below, is the film:

Motoring - Needlepoint Picture

Here's another needlepoint picture, framed in silver.

Needlepoint Flappers

This is probably from the mid-century, but I thought this was a great needlepoint picture of 1920s Flappers. Since gray is a popular paint color, this framed picture would go well on the wall.

Sleepy Time Gal Christmas Card

I've blogged this before,  but wanted to blog this cool Christmas card from the all-girl band, "Sleepy Time Gals," posing with their boudoir dolls!
Speaking of previous blogs, in case you don't know, you can search the blog for previous posts by typing in the upper left hand corner with the magnifying glass icon. Type "Christmas," and click the magnifying glass, and you'll find previous Christmas-related blog posts. I had to update a few of them because of dead links. I will try to update as many dead links as I can.

Merry Christmas!

Debroy Somers Band - Savoy Christmas Medley - 1929
Trinity Choir - The Birthday of a King - 1925

1920s Vaudeville/Silent Film Actors Promo Photo

Curlie Robinson, Mary Boyce, Billie Williams, Helen Bruce, Dick Sargent

Little Girl with Boudoir Doll

Cute photo of girl with boudoir doll

Blossom Doll Company

This is an all cloth boudoir doll, made by the Blossom Doll Company. Click the photo to access the eBay auction.

French Boudoir Doll

Love this French Boudoir Doll!

Vanessa's Grandmother with her Boudoir Doll

Vanessa, Etsy Shop Owner of LesPierreVintage, sent me a photo of her grandmother, posing with her boudoir doll. Thanks, Vanessa, for sharing! (click on the photo to access Vanessa's Etsy shop).

Lenci Marionette

Hard to find a Lenci marionette. Here are two on eBay.

Smiling French Boudoir Doll Head

Nice French boudoir doll head.

French Boudoir Doll Head

Love this French boudoir doll head!

Fryderyka Frankowska Dolls

Click the link, above, for Wikipedia info on Fryderyka Frankowska
Sue restored two Frankowska dolls. Below, are before and after photos. Super!

The doll on the right has what appears to be buttons for hair. Very unusual!

Sue provided the following info: With the outbreak of WWI, Frankowska returned to Paris and began studies at the "avant garde" Academie de la Palette, which as such notable alumnis Marie Vassilieff, who not only opened her own atelier Academie Russe (later named Academie Vassilieff), which housed the infamous canteen that was the meeting place of famous artists, Matissee, Picasso, Braque, et. al. that she is most remembered for. Marie Vassilieff was also a doll maker and painter, and was a part of the creative community of Montparnasse. She also met Konstanty Brandl, a Symbolist printmaker. 

It is worth noting Frankowska belonged to a group of artists who participated in the Salon d'Automne, as well as participating in exhibitions of the Polish artists in P…

Jean Parker with Boudoir Dolls

Jean Parker poses with a few boudoir dolls; Cubeb is on left, Gerling in the long dress and a French doll, sitting in a chair. There is another doll in between the Gerling and French doll that reminds me of a similar doll I've seen in a movie. Also, check out Jean's shoes!
Here is a link to a previous blog post with Jean Parker:

Unusual Petite French Boudoir Doll

This petite French boudoir doll has button eyes. Very unusual. Thanks to Nannette for sharing. This doll reminds Nannette of the 1933 Film series "The Mascott" or "Fetiche" by Ladislas & Irene Starevitch. Below are the YouTube videos:

And the modern background music version, perfect for Halloween:

Not a Rosalinde???

Well, Sue sent me these photos of dolls with the same features and one with a tag like the NAIDA doll in my previous blog post. These dolls may be a completely different doll and not a Rosalinde. Typically, Rosalindes wear slipper-type shoes with suede soles with handwritten "Rosalinde" on them. 
These dolls wear slip-on, heeled shoes, and they have rings on their fingers. I noticed, too, that their arms are not quite like the Rosalindes. 
So, the question is - were these dolls patterned after Rosalindes by someone else?

This doll was sold on eBay. The seller wrote the following description, "Found in the basement of an old house during an estate auction. The tag reads "Naida Brevete BGDG 'Regina' 3028 Made in France." She looks to be a Spanish lady with turquoise & other stones jewelry." The doll came with a wrap that has the tag on it.
 Regina is 36" inches tall head to foot and the dress hangs down another 12-14" inches.

Nancy Drexel Rosalinde? NAIDA?

Check out this Rosalinde! (Update - maybe, I should say Rosalinde-type?) She is very much like the one shown in my 1928 photo of actress, Nancy Drexel. Could it be the same one? The earring and bracelet appear to be the same. She even has rings like the doll in the photo. Being she's 88 years old, there's a possibility her original outfit had to be replaced which would explain why the outfit isn't the same as the one in the photo......What do you think? (Update - being there are other dolls with this tag that are the same type doll, this doll's outfit is most likely original to her)

Wax Store Countertop Display

Wow! Love this super wax store mannequin bust display. She has glass eyes. Very nice!

1922 Evelione Taglione Piano Prodigy with Dolls (Lenci Boudoir Dolls)

This is a photo of Evelione Taglione with gifts given to her from her European visit. Included are two Lenci Pierrots and a Lenci Spanish doll similar to the ones below:

1920 Miss Broadway Personality Doll

This is a press photo 1920 of a "Miss Broadway Personality Doll." There's no other info, but she sort of reminds me of a Flower Fairy or the type of wooden headed doll that I've seen on novelty items such as bags/purses. Wish I had more info.

Boudoir Doll Clothes Hanger

Boudoir Dolls are not limited to an actual doll. Here is a French clothes hanger with a boudoir doll head.

French Boudoir Dolls, Labeled Au Printemps

Pierrot & Pierrette Boudoir Doll Heads, marked Au Printemps
 French Boudoir Doll Head and Body, Marked Au Printemps
French Boudoir Doll Head, Tagged Au Printemps
Paris Department Store "Au Printemps"
Click on the photos to access source.