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Blog Requests - Help!

It's been about four years since I've been active on this blog. I had run out of ideas and felt I had nothing more to offer. Well, that's about to change!

I've begun, very slowly, to blog again at the request of several people. Thanks! I think....ha, ha. 

And, I'm challenged because there are a couple of topics I have no clue so I'm going to do some research. In fact, that is what I'm working on, among other things. Before I address these four subjects, I'm going to have to research and gather all the photos and info if I'm to do this right. And, mostly important, I'm going to need your help! 

In the meantime, I'm re-scanning my old photos, and I want to organize them so that is going to take me quite awhile to do. 

The photo of Joan Marsh is one of those photos. I thought she could help me let you know what I'm planning to blog about. 

I have personal experience with downsizing dolls, so I'm not too worried about that subject. 

Photographing dolls I've done, but I'm going to need some really cool and clever photos from you to make this subject work.

Who's Nina Hartmann? Who's Curious Pip? I've got some Internet searching to do.....

Anyway, I hope I can keep this blog interesting for awhile. 


  1. Dzięki ,że wracasz ,jestem częstym gościem na Twoim blogu ,jest bardzo interesujący .Chętnie i z przyjemnością tu zaglądam . Życzę inspiracji i wiele nowych pomysłów .Pozdrowienia z Polski .Ula

  2. Dziękuję. Dziękujemy za zainteresowanie moim blogu.

  3. Merci Linda, j'adore votre blog.
    Vous êtes une artiste et historienne aussi.
    Magnifique travail


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