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Topic #1 - Curating/Downsizing a Collection - Collecting

When you first collect, the process seems to include a lot of collecting! But, I think that's the only way to know which part of a particular collection you like best. There are all sorts of boudoir dolls; composition, cloth, felt, chamois, silk-covered, different styles, and several manufacturers and countries that produced these dolls. 

The whole reason for collecting is it's fun. So, enjoy your collection!


  1. I totally agree. Collect because you enjoy it and buy what you like, not as an investment. If you're always thinking f something that way you miss out on so much. I collect half dolls and am starting to look for pretty porcelain pieces such as busts, figurines, etc. I love everything I've found. Your blog is very interesting.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Loving what you collect is what it's all about!


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