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Topic #1 - Curating/Downsizing a Collection - During the Process

I forgot to mention something that might help the downsizing process. Set  the number of dolls you wish to keep. It doesn't have to be much, say 10% if your collection is large. Let's use 25% for the example. So, if you have 100 dolls, your goal would be to sell 25 dolls. Seems daunting, but, take your time. Choose 5 dolls. Then, another 5 until you're near the 25 dolls sold. Once you reach your goal, it's time to see how you feel about your collection. You might be satisfied with 75 or wish to do more. If you wish to sell more, set the next goal. 

During the process, rearrange your dolls. You should find, as you have more space, you can see a little clearer what your favorites are and how you want to display them. Like I stated, in the previous blog post, my decision-making tool changed as I progressed through my collection. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion, I prefer Lenci Fadettes, and smokers, in general.


  1. You have an amazing collection! I had no idea that there were so many color variations of Fadette. Thank you for sharing! I am so glad to have found that you are posting on your blog!


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