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Pierrot Costume Pattern

Sue and her husband have put together a Pierrot costume pattern with instructions for you to make this costume. Thanks for sharing, Mike & Sue!
Click on the photos to access the full-sized pattern to save to your computer.

Here are the instructions. If you'd like a .pdf version of this, contact me.

Marta Labarr with Boudoir Dolls

Marta Labarr with French Boudoir Dolls

More Inspired Artists

To me, artistry is not confined to paper, canvas or clay. Margie Herrera and Sue Uhlherr are very talented designers and seamstresses. 

Margie created the outfit for my Lenci Zulema, basing it on photos of the Lenci catalog and photos of other Zulema dolls found on the Internet. She's also made replacements for missing pieces of clothing on another Lenci I once had. Since the doll's outfit was faded, I needed the blue vest-like overskirt to look faded as well, and Margie did a great job finding just the right shade to match the original faded dress.

 Sue made a jacket and cigarette for this male Apache smoker. All I had to do was send her his measurements. 
Both ladies are talented artists!

Faded Rose Factory

Faded Rose Factory
Faded Rose has nailed the look!

Curious Pip (Sarah Burford)

Curious Pip (Sarah Burford)
Sarah has a whimsical take on the era and the dolls as shown in these photos. They have a hint of Betty Boop in their appearance even though they resemble Lucile Ball, Myrna Loy, and Jean Harlow.
 This doll reminds me of Mae West
 This drawing is Jean Harlow
 Check out Curious Pip's blog to see her inspirations!

Alexandra Koukinova

Alexandra Koukinova

Alexandra Koukinova captures the era perfectly!

Alexandra Khudyakova

Alexandra Khudyakova
This gorgeous doll reminds me of the French Rosalindes.

Topic #4 - Contemporary Artists That are Inspired by the Era/Boudoir Dolls (Curious Pip)

Myrna Loy by Curious Pip (click photo to access web site)

The Big Broadcast of 1937

So glad to see these old movies preserved. "Thanks for the Memory!"

Great Shot!

Nannette sent this photo. Nice photo!

Fadette Photo Outtakes

I took this photo, above, almost 9 years ago, on my carpeted stairs. Notice how washed out it looks, but I do like the angle of the shot.
 I took the following 14 photos yesterday to illustrate that you're going to need to take a lot of photos to get just a few good ones. This was not a good spot to take photos. It's too bright so it washes out her features, plus I'm not too crazy about the color of the background for her.
 Here's another photo in the same spot. Not very flattering.
 I changed the color of the background, but the lighting is still wrong; too dark.
This is the same area. You can see shadows. Not a good spot. But, I do like the background color.
 I changed walls in the same room, and I think this is so much better, but still, not the greatest photo because I'm using my phone. But, you can at least see what a difference a background, angle of shot, and lighting can do to make a better photo of your doll.
It is important to note that the time of day, and eve…