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Fadette Photo Outtakes

I took this photo, above, almost 9 years ago, on my carpeted stairs. Notice how washed out it looks, but I do like the angle of the shot.

 I took the following 14 photos yesterday to illustrate that you're going to need to take a lot of photos to get just a few good ones. This was not a good spot to take photos. It's too bright so it washes out her features, plus I'm not too crazy about the color of the background for her.

 Here's another photo in the same spot. Not very flattering.

 I changed the color of the background, but the lighting is still wrong; too dark.

 This is the same area. You can see shadows. Not a good spot. But, I do like the background color.

 I changed walls in the same room, and I think this is so much better, but still, not the greatest photo because I'm using my phone. But, you can at least see what a difference a background, angle of shot, and lighting can do to make a better photo of your doll.

It is important to note that the time of day, and even the time of year, makes a difference. You will probably have to switch rooms or take photos at certain times of the day.

 I really do like the background color - good thing, too, since I live with it on my wall all day! You'll also notice that, depending on the lighting, the wall color changes in each photo.

 This photo isn't too bad.

 This is not a flattering angle at all. Remember the Lenci Zulema photo? This angle was good for her, but it does nothing for this Fadette. Like I mentioned before, they're a lot like people; not all are photogenic, and they have a best side. Also, not all people look good in the same colored background. The same goes for these dolls.

 Her hair is pretty wild. This is my favorite doll. I've had her for years! Compare this photo to the one I took on the stairs 9 years ago. A colored background makes a big difference!

 This photo isn't too bad.

 This photo isn't too bad.

 This angle does not flatter this doll. But, it's good for showing her facial details.

Although, I like this angle, the lighting isn't good.


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