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Topic #2 - Integrating Collection in Decor - Part II

In this photo, Nina uses metal and wood. As stated before, the fabric softens the hardness. There’s a theater/puppet feel to this photo, using Commedia dell'Arte characters, Pierrot and Pulcinella, and the mannequins. The large mannequin is topped off with a Pierrot hat and ruffled collar, and the hoop skirt softens itself with the combination of metal and fabric. The hoop skirt makes me think of Colombina. Notice the angel wings on the left. 

Not obvious, until you zoom in, Nina has included, in the wooden cabinet, photos of people dressed in Pierrot costumes. She also has cloth items inside the cabinet to soften the wood and glass. 

She doesn’t spread out the collection of mannequins throughout the design; they’re grouped together, making one statement. The large mannequin is nearby and counterbalances the group. 

I’m not sure how the cows got into the mix, but they work. I think they’re the unexpected which also makes a design more interesting.

Experiment. Try to use what you already have in your house. This will enable you to utilize the resources in your home and save you money! It will also surprise you when you discover you have some underappreciated items. 

It doesn’t have to be boudoir dolls or half dolls. And, it doesn’t have to be complete. It can have missing parts. Treat these items as art pieces. It can be as simple as a rusty soup can or a glass bowl filled with bottle caps.


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