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Topic #2 - Integrating Collection in Decor - Retro


 In the meantime, here are photos of author, Stephanie Farago’s former home that I blogged on November 7, 2010.   

Hard to believe these photos appeared in a magazine 25 years ago! But, you can see the style was very different and colorful. It was very popular to have a lot of items on display……that is why, 25 years later, I’ve had to downsize. But, being a collector by nature, I do not believe I’ll ever be a minimalist!

That being said, I’d have to say, given the current style, keep your displays simple. Make sure you don’t get carried away. Try to group them by theme and/or color. You can always switch items around or replace them with other items you have. It’ll give you variety and the ability to enjoy every piece of your collection. It might even help you decide what you want and what you don’t want to keep. So, I guess this ties in with Topic #1 – Curating/Downsizing a Collection!



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