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Topic #2 - Integrating Collection in Decor - Part I

So, let’s go over the two Nina Hartmann photos I previously blogged. I chose these two photos, specifically, because she used boudoir dolls in her design. 

Photo 1 - There’s a theme; 18th Century French, country cottage with an air of romance. What helps to display the items you’ve selected is setting them up at different heights. Notice how one mannequin is higher than the other. Even the boxes on the shelf have two items higher than the rest. The plant, box and lamp, that are on the table, are different heights. This creates interest and symmetry. 

In addition to color, I’m addicted to angles. I love angling furniture instead of everything against the wall or angling furniture in the middle of the room. That goes for smaller items as well. 

There’s a balanced combination of hard and soft. The fabric and the plant soften the use of wood. I don’t see any metal in this picture, but if she would have used metal, that, too, would have been balanced by the use of fabric and the plant. The boudoir doll replaces the traditional inclination of using a pillow.

You’ll notice that the shelf is not in the middle of the wall, but off to the left. It is lined up above the picture which is lined up above the table. This gives room for the two mannequins to fill in and act as a counterweight.

And, we cannot ignore the shabby chic chair ANGLED with the boudoir doll! I knew I’d get the angling aspect in this description!

I don’t see any other obvious angling, but, it’s there, subtle, in her off-center displaying, such as the top quilt under the table, the lid to the box on the table and the stacks of boxes on the shelf; they're slightly askew. Included in the decor is a half doll on the shelf of boxes.


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