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Topic #3 - Photographing Art Dolls, Capturing Their Spirit - The Background

Like most people, there are photos, professional or not, that bring out some sort of emotion. Pinterest’s popularity is based on photos. We re-pin or "heart" certain photos because that particular photo appeals to us in some way.

I’m not a professional photographer, but, l have taken a lot of photos of boudoir dolls. What I've noticed is they stand out when there’s a plain background. 

I used to take photos on my carpeted stairs because it was the best lighting I had available. But, I think the carpeting didn’t make a good background. So, I got poster board, which comes in a selection of colors. I used white, blue and orange. So far, I like the orange background best. If you want to focus on the doll, I’d suggest using backgrounds like that or at least keep your props simple. Here are some photos.

I think the carpet has too much texture. This doll's costume is vibrant so it's not so bad, but if your doll is wearing something light colored or faded, the doll will blend into the background.

Having a background with some color and no texture, should perk up the doll.

This Maurice Milliere figurine is photographed with one simple prop with a black background. Sue's husband knows how to photograph these dolls. He's been photographing Sue's dolls for years. He knows how to properly light the subject.

What makes a huge difference, too, is what you use to photograph your subjects - I used to use an inexpensive digital camera, and I've downgraded to my phone! So, the quality of my photos suffer.


  1. I love this photo! I have a new link to photos of my Maurice Milliere dolls on Pinterest. They are a challenge to photograph well, but I get good results with my phone camera.

  2. This is my own attempt at a mirror shot.

  3. I'm curious to know what the brass plate on the base of this doll says. It usually the title of the figure.

    1. I tried to email it to you, but the email address I have on file bounced.



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