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Topic #3 - Photographing Art Dolls, Capturing Their Spirit - The Dolls on Pinterest
 I found all of these photos on Pinterest. Notice that all have plain or simple backgrounds. The German half doll, above, was photographed on her left side instead of straight on because her head is turned.
 This German half doll has a turned head, too, but the photographer chose to take the shot, showing her right side of her face - probably her "best" side. It also shows off her hand muff.
 Although, this photo does not show off the half doll's face, it does, with the blurred background of flowers and a cupid, give the viewer a sense of romance.
This is a great photo! The Lenci boy looks so real. Great idea to add a stuffed dog (Steiff?) and columns in the background that give a feel of being downtown in a big city like at a museum or library or courthouse.
 This Lenci doll has a vintage, romantic feel to it as the photo is almost monochromatic with just a hint of color of the felt flower and the doll's hair.
 Not sure if this Lenci's head is naturally down-tilted, but she appears to be looking to her lower left.
 The angle of this shot of the Lafitte Desirat wax figure makes her look like she's walking.
I don't think I need to say anything about this photo; it speaks for itself! Fabulous!


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