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Topic #4 - Contemporary Artists That are Inspired by the Era/Boudoir Dolls (Curious Pip)
Myrna Loy by Curious Pip (click photo to access web site)

I saved this topic for last because I had to do some research. I am very unfamiliar with this subject and not sure how to approach this, but here goes:

There are contemporary artists that are either inspired by the boudoir doll or unintentionally create art dolls that we view as reminiscent of the boudoir doll. 

I don’t know which artists find boudoir dolls as their muse or not, but, I’ve found a few artists on the Internet that I feel create a doll that looks very much like the 1920/30s boudoir doll or the style of that era:

There are also artists that create on paper/canvas:

. Janet Launarey - She has sent me drawings that I've shared on this blog.



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