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Doll of the Month - August - French

With yet another remake of Ben-Hur, Sue decided to restore this French doll head, using 1926 newspaper movie ads (Ben Hur among them). This is a brilliant creation!

The doll head is very large, was very misshaped, and the 1926 newspaper page was stuffed inside the head. The size of the head made it impractical to make a body with arms and legs. So, Sue created a doll with a "body on a stick" or a base similar to a hat stand.
Sue reprinted the movie pages on fabric for the body. The doll's body has now become the doll's provenance. Nice to know the doll is dated around 1926. 

The fabric Sue used was calico, and she ironed on freezer paper for stiffness. Then, she pulled off the freezer paper after the newspaper transferred to the calico. With a few added embellishments, the doll head became a unique boudoir doll item.

Another Unusual Boudoir Doll

Here is another unusual doll that sold on eBay (click photo to access auction). I've seen these dolls with chenille wigs or metallic thread wigs, but never have I seen one with a ribbon wig.

Has anyone discovered who the maker is?

Here is a link to previous blog posts I made on these dolls - link


This doll recently sold on eBay (click the link to view auction). I believe this doll is a French-made "Rosalinde." Very unusual one; I've never seen one with this type of wig - looks like human hair, but the clues that make me think it's a Rosalinde are her face and the shape of her legs, and her feet/shoes. I'm wondering if the soles are leather and are handwritten "Rosalinde" on them. If the new owner wishes to share photos and info, once they receive this doll, I'd appreciate it.

Lenci Fadette

I love this Fadette, but she needed serious cleanup. Sue to the rescue!
Her face was badly spotted, and her hair was filthy. When Sue cleaned her hair, she said it looked like soot. No telling where the doll had been kept, but she definitely wasn't stored properly. Her outfit is faded, and it appeared that someone tried to dye it as the dye came off during the cleaning process. So, Sue made her a new outfit. I still have her original outfit. But, I was afraid the dye would bleed onto the doll so she's been wearing her new outfit!

Isn't she gorgeous? I was amazed how she could be cleaned up. Sue is so very talented.
 Here are closeup photos of her original outfit. You can see the fading.

Here is the new outfit.

Half Doll Decor Idea

I found this candle holder that is great for displaying this gorgeous half doll. The doll has a cork at her base that is the exact size. The half doll is wax over composition or chalk. Her wig looks like it may be human hair. I got her from the Netherlands several years ago in a group of similar types. 

Jaysant Half Doll

This half doll is marked "Jaysant 30" on her back. I have never seen one like it and couldn't find any information on-line. If anyone has one or has information about it, I'd appreciate an email or comment on this blog.

Maurice Milliere Statuettes

Nannette was kind enough to send me her restoration work on her Maurice Milliere Statuettes.

Princess Tam Tam, Josephine Baker 1935

Josephine Baker,plays the lead role; a Tunisian lady introduced to Parisian high society. Josephine Baker sings two songs in this film and dances up a storm!

 Here is a German tobacco card of Josephine Baker, holding her look-a-like doll.

 German tobacco cards of Josephine Baker

Doll of the Month - July - Etta