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Doll of the Month - August - French

With yet another remake of Ben-Hur, Sue decided to restore this French doll head, using 1926 newspaper movie ads (Ben Hur among them). This is a brilliant creation!

The doll head is very large, was very misshaped, and the 1926 newspaper page was stuffed inside the head. The size of the head made it impractical to make a body with arms and legs. So, Sue created a doll with a "body on a stick" or a base similar to a hat stand.

Sue reprinted the movie pages on fabric for the body. The doll's body has now become the doll's provenance. Nice to know the doll is dated around 1926. 

The fabric Sue used was calico, and she ironed on freezer paper for stiffness. Then, she pulled off the freezer paper after the newspaper transferred to the calico. With a few added embellishments, the doll head became a unique boudoir doll item.


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