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Lenci Fadette - I did it myself!

This is my first attempt at cleaning a doll! It took me months to get the courage to do it. 

Sue gave me the tools and information to give it a try. This Fadette really looks better now. 

I vacuumed the doll's outfit, as well as her hands and face. I put a nylon stocking over her head to prevent damage. I used a short bristle paint brush to loosen the dust, then vacuumed. I did that to her outfit; brushed, then vacuumed. 

I used an artist's varnish to go over her face paint. THAT was the scariest part for me. But, I very lightly applied it and made sure there was not a lot of varnish on the brush. You don't want to soak it. I used a paper towel to remove the excess varnish from the brush. 
I couldn't find this particular brand so I used the one, below:
I do not guarantee this. I only have used it once and do not know how it'll affect the face paint.

I used a liquid cleaning product called Preen for her hair. I got a sample from Sue. I think this product may be discontinued? And, I do not know a substitute for it. I brushed it on the strands, then pressed it with a paper towel to remove the excess. What Sue does is pin curl the strands, but I didn't do a good job on that so I ended up just applying it lightly over her hair, then scrunching it with a paper towel. 

Now, for the disclaimer - I do not guarantee nor am I responsible in any way the results should you try it yourself. Using the right product, how you apply that product, chemical reaction, etc. will affect the end result. 

My only advice is use extra caution and try a spot where it won't be obvious before you use anything. When I cleaned the hair, I did a small area in the back. Since my styling attempts failed, it's a good thing it was in back, although, I managed to scrunch it a little so it looks like the rest of the hair. 


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