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Jaysant Half Doll

Here's another Jaysant Half Doll. Nice one. This is only the second one I've ever seen. I wonder what country manufactured these half dolls. (click on the photo to access the eBay auction)


  1. Hi Frau, I was looking for information about boudoir dolls and I found your blog in Nancy websit. Would it be possible to ask you about a very old boudoir doll? It came from my grandmother, is one of the few things I keep from her. It is not in good condition. But her face is so beautiful! I don't know where she comes from, but I'd like to restore her, and I'm lost in this. Could I send you a picture of her? If you know how who could do a good restoration, it would be great. I live in Spain, but I could send it wherever is needed.

  2. I do not restore dolls, but I'd love to see a photo.

  3. How could I send you a picture? It would be great if you could tell me something about her

  4. Yes, you can send it to


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