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Not a Rosalinde???

Well, Sue sent me these photos of dolls with the same features and one with a tag like the NAIDA doll in my previous blog post. These dolls may be a completely different doll and not a Rosalinde. Typically, Rosalindes wear slipper-type shoes with suede soles with handwritten "Rosalinde" on them. 

These dolls wear slip-on, heeled shoes, and they have rings on their fingers. I noticed, too, that their arms are not quite like the Rosalindes. 

So, the question is - were these dolls patterned after Rosalindes by someone else?

This doll was sold on eBay. The seller wrote the following description, "Found in the basement of an old house during an estate auction. The tag reads "Naida Brevete BGDG 'Regina' 3028 Made in France." She looks to be a Spanish lady with turquoise & other stones jewelry." The doll came with a wrap that has the tag on it.

 Regina is 36" inches tall head to foot and the dress hangs down another 12-14" inches.


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