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The Year-End is Near

I wish you all a Happy New Year!
This photo is from the film "The Conquering Power" 1921, starring Rudolph Valentino and Alice Terry.
Below, is the film:

Motoring - Needlepoint Picture

Here's another needlepoint picture, framed in silver.

Needlepoint Flappers

This is probably from the mid-century, but I thought this was a great needlepoint picture of 1920s Flappers. Since gray is a popular paint color, this framed picture would go well on the wall.

Sleepy Time Gal Christmas Card

I've blogged this before,  but wanted to blog this cool Christmas card from the all-girl band, "Sleepy Time Gals," posing with their boudoir dolls!
Speaking of previous blogs, in case you don't know, you can search the blog for previous posts by typing in the upper left hand corner with the magnifying glass icon. Type "Christmas," and click the magnifying glass, and you'll find previous Christmas-related blog posts. I had to update a few of them because of dead links. I will try to update as many dead links as I can.

Merry Christmas!

Debroy Somers Band - Savoy Christmas Medley - 1929
Trinity Choir - The Birthday of a King - 1925

1920s Vaudeville/Silent Film Actors Promo Photo

Curlie Robinson, Mary Boyce, Billie Williams, Helen Bruce, Dick Sargent

Little Girl with Boudoir Doll

Cute photo of girl with boudoir doll

Blossom Doll Company

This is an all cloth boudoir doll, made by the Blossom Doll Company. Click the photo to access the eBay auction.