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Mabel Normand

Mabel Normand

Mabel Norman

Mabel Normand with Look-a-Like Half Doll

French Boudoir Doll Heads

Love this French boudoir doll head!
Super boudoir doll head.

Half Doll

Half Doll Perfume/Bottle Stopper

Tagged Etta

Gorgeous all original Etta Boudoir Doll!

Shirley Temple & Lenci Dolls

Shirley Temple & Lenci Dolls

Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

Blossom Boudoir Doll - 1936

Keeneye Seversky Pilot

This is a very unusual and rare boudoir doll. Not sure how it was determined that it represents Jacqueline Cochran, however, the doll's flight suit does represent Seversky, Aviation Pioneer and Inventor. Click on the photo to view eBay auction. Below, are two Wikipedia links for Alexander Seversky and Jacqueline Cochran.
Alexander P. de Seversky
Jacqueline Cochran

1927 "French Pajama Doll"

Rosalinde? Looks like it is or the perhaps NAIDA.