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All Composition Smoker "Cubeb" "Charleston Girl" "Felt Doll"

Love this all composition smoker! This smoker boudoir doll wears a similar felt pantsuit like the Lenci Fadettes. Original ads describe this doll as "Charleston Girl" and "Felt Doll." Collectors call these dolls "Cubeb." In almost 18 years, I've never seen an ad, calling these dolls "Cubeb," but the name sticks with these smokers.

Wax Half Doll

Here is a nice wax half doll. She has nice face paint and wig. I think she has survived pretty good all these years. 

Lenci Spanish Dancer

This is a Lenci Spanish Dancer boudoir doll in fabulous condition!

Wax Russian Dancer Ornament

This is an doll ornament of a Russian dancer. She has a wax head and wears her original costume. She has a loop on back for hanging.

Rosalinde in Disguise

This is a French Rosalinde boudoir doll. You may not recognize her, at first glance, but the shape of her face and her chamois soles on her cloth, sewn-on shoes are a giveaway.

French Store Mannequin Display

This is a French Mannequin Store Display being sold on eBay from France.

German Boudoir Doll Head

This is a super nice German boudoir doll head. Click the photo to access the eBay listing.

Sleepy Time Gal

This is a super nice sleep eyed boudoir doll, wearing her original outfit. 
Glass-eyed and sleep-eyed boudoir dolls are not readily found - until lately - I've seen quite a few selling on eBay this past month. This one is one of the best I've seen lately.

Lilli Baitz "Hator" Half Doll

This is a unique Lilli Baitz half doll. She is named Hator. I've included another doll like this one.

This Lilli Baitz Hator still has her original headdress. I love it!

Alma Pierrot and Pierrette

These are rare Alma Pierrot and Pierrette dolls made by the Italian company, Alma. Alma was a Lenci competitor.

Bald is Beautiful

This has to be one of the prettiest "Turn Head" boudoir dolls I've seen; very lovely face and facepaint. Collectors refer to these dolls as Turn Heads because you can turn her head for posing. What also makes this composition/cloth doll unique is her smile. Most composition/cloth boudoir dolls are either non-smiling or smokers.

Charles Sheldon Photo Unmasked

Here's a super masquerade-themed photo by Charles Sheldon.

Boudoir Doll Clothing Patterns - Authentic Reproductions

These are reprints of original boudoir doll patterns that I found on Etsy. There are more. Here is a link to the Etsy patterns.

How to

Here is a "How To" to make a turban/headdress. Then, add any type embellishments

You can turn a Plain Jane (above) to a Fabulous Flapper (below) by adding an Era-appropriate outfit (this one was created by a vintage boudoir doll pattern) and a headband.

Because this glass-eyed doll is missing her lashes, the feather headdress compensates and detracts from the loss. Also, I removed her unflattering vintage wig replacement, and thanks to Sue, her crumbling wig is a new mohair replacement. It's important not to put a thick wig on these dolls. It would look obviously replaced. I'll bet you wouldn't have known her wig had been replaced had you not seen her before photo. Plus, the headdress camouflages any hair issues.
Anyway, some easy and Era-appropriate enhancements that will not alter the doll like painting will. And, making a headdress wasn't as difficult as I thought. If I can do it, anyone can do it!


Headbands/Headdresses can make a dramatic difference in your boudoir doll and emphasize the era from which she came. Below, is information about making your doll a headband/headdress that will vamp up your doll! (Courtesy of Sue)

Cloche Hats

If you have a boudoir doll with hair issues or want your boudoir doll to have a flapper look, a cloche hat is a solution. Here is a glass-eyed doll and another shoulderhead-type doll, wearing a hand-made cloche hat.
Do you want to make your doll a hat? Sue created a pattern to make a boudoir doll-sized version. I will make it available for you to download (see below)

Here are photos of the pattern, and here is a link to the .pdf version that is the full-sized cloche hat pattern. I'd love to see what you create! 

Pierre Imans Mannequins

Pierre Imans created the most realistic-looking mannequins!

Glass Eyed Boudoir Doll with Store Tag

This rare glass eyed doll wears her original outfit. The outfit is tagged G. Fox & Co. Click on the photo of the store tag, below, to learn about this department store.

Some People Call Them Bed Dolls

Here is a 1930s photo (and negative) of a boudoir doll, sitting on a bed.  That's how my collection got started; only one for the bed......

Memorial Day

This is about the guys that didn't come home......