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French Boudoir Doll Pillow

French Boudoir Doll Pillow - GORGEOUS!

For Sale - French Smiler Boudoir Doll

French Boudoir Doll Smiler Available on eBay

For Sale - Lenci Torino

Lenci Torino Boudoir Doll Available on eBay

French Boudoir Doll Heads

9 French Boudoir Dolls Heads and Faces. Some resemble JxB, but one is marked "Matiere Art."

Cloth Boudoir Doll

Nice, cloth boudoir doll, possibly French. 

Fantastic and Rare French Boudoir Doll

Very unusual and rare French boudoir doll! I've only seen two other dolls like this one. Here a link to an old blog post I made about the one I've seen on-line and one I used to own:
Tattooed-Faced French Boudoir Dolls