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1920s Women's Fashion

Here is a slide show of photographs, from the 1920s, showing Ladies' Fashion. I muted the sound, I hope. I found the choice of music not fitting of the era, and quite annoying. After all, it was the silent screen era.....

Muller Volkstedt Half Doll Figurine

This is a German-made Half Doll/Figurine. I've never seen one like this. She is dressed as a Chorus Girl.


This is an Italian-made boudoir doll from Alma. They were a Lenci competitor. She has a swivel waist.

Here is an Alma from my collection. I believe she may have had some restoration. She is similar to the Alma, above, except this one is a smoker. She has the same body with swivel waist.

Too Sweet!

Louis Sherry French Chocolates Ad This ad features Lencis, including my personal favorite, the Fadette!

Even Sweeter!

Louis Sherry French Chocolates Ad This ad features a "Cubeb" and a Lenci doll. I have seen this particular Cubeb referred to in ads as "The Parisienne," "Charleston Girl" and "Felt Doll" (referring to her felt pant outfit)


Louis Sherry French Chocolates Ad
The boudoir doll featured in this ad appears to be an all composition, jointed smoker, aka Cubeb. Although, I've never seen the name Cubeb associated with these dolls in any doll ads I've found so far, that is what Collectors have named them.